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Summer Exercise Tips | Weight Loss | Tyler Texas

It’s the middle of June in East Texas which means the summer heat is here to stay. While many individuals enjoy exercising outdoors in the warm weather, the high temperatures and humidity may be a cause for concern. Tyler Wellcare, located in Tyler, Texas, is here to offer summer exercise tips to help you stay in control of your weight loss goals.

Beware of Heat Exhaustion

Many individuals enjoy sweating because it makes them feel like they had an intense and beneficial workout. Sweat has a much more important function than that. Sweat is actually produced as a means to cool down the body as the liquid evaporates from the skin. When the humidity and temperature rise, sweat cannot evaporate as quickly, leading to the body remaining hotter for an extended period of time.

When the body cannot cool down, heat exhaustion sets in. Heat exhaustion symptoms include muscle cramps, dizziness, weakness, dehydration and headache. Staying properly hydrated and not exercising in dangerously high temperatures are the best ways to avoid head exhaustion.

Summer Exercise Tips

Even though the East Texas temperatures are hot, you do not have to stay indoors to reach your weight loss goals. Follow these summer exercise tips to beat the heat:

  1. Get your doctor’s approval. If you are beginning a new weight loss journey, it is always recommended to consult with a physician to discuss your exercise limitations.
  2. Avoid exercising during high heat times. In most cases, it is recommended to exercise during the early morning hours or in the evening hours when the sun and temperatures are lower.
  3. Stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water to cool down and to help the body remain cool.
  4. Wear light-colored, wicking fabrics. Lighter colored clothing reflects heat, while wicking fabrics are specifically designed to help keep you cool.
  5. Wear sunscreen. Protecting your skin from the sun’s harmful rays is a must. It is typically recommended to use an oil-free formula that will allow the body to cool down as normal.
  6. Adjust to the heat. Even if you are a seasoned athlete, it is very important to allow your body to adjust to the higher summer temps gradually. It is never recommended to jump into a timed run or other outdoor event without proper body training.
  7. Listen to your body. Use common sense and listen to your body when exercising outdoors. If you begin to feel weak, light-headed or nauseous, stop exercising and begin the cool-down process immediately.

Tyler Wellcare encourages Tyler, Texas and East Texas individuals to get outdoors and enjoy the summer. By following these summer exercise tips, you can safely begin or continue your weight loss journey.


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