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Fall Fitness Tips | Weight Loss | Tyler Texas

September is here and marks the official end of summer. With fall, comes cooler weather, brighter autumn colors and everything pumpkin. Many individuals may fall off the fitness wagon with school back in session and sweaters and jeans starting to make an appearance. There are a number of ways Tyler, Texas patients can continue their weight loss goals with the approaching fall season. Tyler Wellcare would like to share some of the best fall fitness tips so our patients can remain happy, healthy and active as we enter the cooler autumn months.

Fall Fitness Tips for Weight Loss

Many patients do not consider fall a good time to start a new fitness program, but in reality, it is an amazing time to start because patients can create good eating habits for the holiday months. We believe any change of season is a good time to start a healthy transition, especially September since kids are back in school and it begins a different new year.

If you are looking for new ways to continue your weight loss through autumn, consider some of these fun fall fitness tips:

  • Take advantage of the cool, crisp weather. Get up and go for a run first thing in the morning or in the evening to enjoy the cooler weather.
  • Head to a local trail to view foliage. East Texas has countless trails and nature areas to explore in the fall. Discover new parks and trails, or visit your favorite, to view the beautiful colors while enjoying a walk, run or hike.
  • Enjoy fall activities. Plan to be active on the weekends or in the evenings by planning seasonal events with family and friends, such as a Turkey Trot run, a corn maze or haunted trail.
  • Turn fall chores into a workout. Raking leaves, cleaning up summer flowers and decorating the interior and exterior of a home all burns calories.
  • Vary athletic activities. With the cooler weather comes a variety of activities patients can try to stay in shape. Running, jogging, hiking and biking all seem more enjoyable when the weather cools down.
  • Take time to rejuvenate. Fall is the ideal time to rejuvenate after the busy summer and before the holiday season. Take up yoga, get a massage after a run or learn to meditate.
  • Dress in layers. When exercising outdoors, layer clothing. It may feel chilly at the beginning of the workout, but it will get warmer as the body heats up.

Besides remaining active, it is important to eat healthy, drink water and avoid all of the holiday candy. It is reported the average adult gains approximately 1 pound over the holiday season. Do not let fall and Halloween be the start of your unhealthy holiday eating. You can continue your weight loss goals by following these simple and effective tips.

For additional fall fitness tips to aid in your weight loss, or to determine if Tyler Wellcare can assist with our medical weight loss program, contact our Tyler, Texas office.


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