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Estrogen Replacement Therapy | Natural Bioidentical Hormones | Tyler Texas

Natural bioidentical hormones, available at Tyler Wellcare, are gaining popularity as an estrogen replacement therapy for women. Many women going through the various stages of aging experience vaginal dryness, low libido, fatigue, depression and other unwanted symptoms. Ladies in the greater Tyler, Texas area can alleviate these common symptoms of aging with the use of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT). BHRT is designed to be a safe, effective and natural treatment to help women regain balance of their bodies as estrogen levels begin to drop.

Natural Bioidentical Hormones as an Estrogen Replacement Therapy

Certain women begin experiencing hormone imbalances as early as 30 years of age, with the majority of women experiencing imbalances by their 40s. At the age of 30, women are believed to lose 3-10% of their hormones with a steady, gradual decline until menopause. Natural bioidentical hormones, such as BHRT, can help balance hormone levels so the body can perform at an optimal level.

Natural bioidentical hormones are a safe and effective estrogen replacement therapy used by countless women to eliminate the unwanted symptoms of aging. BHRT balances natural hormone levels within the body for ongoing health and wellness.

BHRT is Available for Tyler, Texas Women as Natural Estrogen Levels Drop

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is a convenient and easy way for women to experience balanced hormones. Tyler Wellcare offers natural bioidentical hormones in a pellet that is injected under the skin by Dr. Janine Islam. This method is preferred by many medical professionals and patients because it delivers an error-free, consistent and lasting dosage of hormones similar to hormones found naturally in a woman’s body.

Dr. Islam will begin this form of estrogen replacement therapy with a simple blood panel to determine the patient’s exact hormone levels. Once the levels are established, she will determine the amount of natural bioidentical hormones necessary to regain balance. The small pellet is typically inserted in a small incision on the back of the hip. It is important to note that no sutures or stitches are necessary. The incision site will then hold the hormones in place for about 3-5 months and deliver a consistent dosage. At the 3-5 month mark, women will visit with Dr. Islam at a follow-up visit to get additional hormones.

For more resources on natural bioidentical hormones as an estrogen replacement therapy, please contact the Tyler, Texas office of Tyler Wellcare.


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