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Women Weight Loss | Diet Mistakes | Tyler Texas

Countless women strive to lose weight, but weight loss is not an easy task. It seems more times than not you snack on fruit, eat smaller portions, drink a lot of water and exercise numerous times a week to step on a scale and not see any changes. When this occurs, many women wonder what diet mistakes they are making, and how they can be fixed. Women’s weight loss is a little more difficult compared to men for several reasons, and knowing these reasons can help women. Tyler Wellcare is available to assist women in the Greater Tyler, Texas desiring to lose weight. Dr. Janine Islam offers the HCG medical weight loss program, a safe and effective diet designed to shed pounds and develop healthy living habits.

Women and Weight Loss

Many women feel men lose weight much easier and without as much daily struggle, and there may be scientific backing on this. Many nutritionists and fitness professionals believe it is harder for women to achieve weight loss because of lower muscle mass. Men’s bodies naturally have more muscle mass, so they are able to burn more calories throughout the day, even at rest. Research also shows that women usually have more of an emotional attachment to food than men. This causes women to have a more difficult time following a strict diet plan.

Common Exercise and Diet Mistakes

Even with healthy eating habits and good fitness habits, many women make small exercise and diet mistakes that lead to a plateau or slow down progress. The most common mistakes include:

  • Not determining the correct calorie intake– It is estimated only 11% of Americans correctly estimates their ideal daily caloric requirements. Constantly underestimating how many calories the body takes in daily can lead to more pounds being gained.
  • Continuing long cardio sessions– Countless women believe spending hours on a treadmill burns more calories than any other program. In fact, one of the most effective calorie burning exercises is HIIT (high-intensity interval training). By varying the body’s intensity during workouts, the body works harder and burns more fat and calories in a shorter amount of time.
  • Not lifting weights– Performing strengthening exercises several times a week is important for women and weight loss. The more muscle mass a body has, the more it burns since muscle requires more energy than fat.

Women can successfully lose weight at any age if these common exercise and diet mistakes are eliminated. It is important to remember that healthy weight loss does not happen overnight, it is a slow and steady journey. If you are having a difficult time with weight loss, contact Tyler Wellcare to discuss the HCG medical weight loss program.

HCG Medical Weight Loss Program Overview

The HCG medical weight loss program is designed to promote a healthier lifestyle by learning the benefits of a healthy, balanced diet. This weight loss program utilizes a very low calorie diet, plenty of water and HCG injections to provide weight loss. HCG, or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, is a hormone produced by the human body during pregnancy. When the hormone is introduced into a non-pregnant body, the body burns more fat and loses weight.

For additional resources on women and weight loss, or to discuss more about common diet mistakes, contact the Tyler, Texas office of Tyler Wellcare. Our team is available to assist women with weight loss and healthy living habits with the HCG medical weight loss program.


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