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How to Age Gracefully | Anti Aging Tips | Tyler TX

Every man and woman in Greater Tyler, Texas must go through the natural aging process. While many men are quite comfortable with the overall aging process, countless women spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on creams, lotions, anti-aging makeup and special soaps. Aging is much more than just a few wrinkles and fine lines on the face. Aging often makes individuals experience fatigue, weight gain, memory loss and an overall decrease in body strength and mobility. Tyler Wellcare shares some of the most common anti-aging tips to help both men and women learn how to age gracefully.

How to Age Gracefully with these Simple Anti-Aging Tips

We all know that one man or woman that seems to never age. Their hair never greys, their skin never wrinkles and they always seem to have energy and the drive to hit the gym several times a week. By following these simple anti-aging tips, you can also boost your self-confidence and learn how to age gracefully.

  • Start with simple skin products and skip the anti-aging aisle. Professionals recommend a consistent system of sunscreen, moisturizer and retinoid. Retinoids utilize a Vitamin A derivative that stimulates the skin’s collagen and prevents many fine lines from forming.
  • Get moving and exercise on a regular basis. Exercise is a great way to give serotonin levels a boost, as well as combat the effects of the stress hormone cortisol. Exercise also helps keep the body mobile and aids in a healthy heart.
  • Pamper your hands. The hands are one of the first places many people spot aging. When applying the sunscreen, moisturizer and retinoid to your face, also apply a small amount to your hands.
  • Engage in mentally stimulating exercises. Unlike popular belief, mental decline is not an inevitable part of getting older. Keep the brain sharp by reading, researching, playing games and sharing news with family and friends.
  • Get some sunshine. Vitamin D found in sunshine helps maintain a healthy immune system, regulates cell growth, promotes calcium absorption and helps protect against certain chronic diseases. Only 20 minutes of sunshine per day can provide the body with adequate amounts of Vitamin D in most cases.
  • Enjoy your work. Many psychologists believe loving your work is the best anti-aging tip. Doing something you love makes it feel more like play than a job.

How BHRT can Help the Body Age Gracefully

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) is a safe and effective way to return declining hormone levels to a healthy, optimal level. BHRT is effective at treating anxiety, mood swings, night sweats, weight gain, muscle decline, decreased energy, loss of libido and hair loss. The objective of BHRT is to restore a patient’s hormone levels back to those of the upper third of ‘normal’- when patients were in their mid-30’s- when the immune system was the strongest, metabolism was most efficient and the ability to build muscle rather than fat was the greatest.

Do you want to learn how to age gracefully? Contact Tyler Wellcare, located in Tyler, Texas, to learn more about BHRT and anti-aging tips.


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