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Cellulite Removal | Velashape | Tyler Texas

An Overview of VelaShape and Cellulite Removal It is mid-June, the temperatures are up and it is summer in East Texas! Even though the warmer weather allows more time outdoors, it also means many women will be wearing shorts, swimsuits and sundresses during the upcoming months. With an estimated 85-90% of women displaying some degree… Continue reading Cellulite Removal | Velashape | Tyler Texas

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Men’s Health | Male Bioidentical Hormones | Tyler Texas

An Overview of Male Bioidentical Hormones during Men’s Health Month Each June, the United States celebrates Men’s Health Month. During the month of June, men are encouraged to take control of their health and schedule necessary physician appointments, start a new workout program and follow a heart-healthy diet. Like many women in Tyler, Texas and… Continue reading Men’s Health | Male Bioidentical Hormones | Tyler Texas