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Cellulite Removal | Velashape | Tyler Texas

An Overview of VelaShape and Cellulite Removal

It is mid-June, the temperatures are up and it is summer in East Texas! Even though the warmer weather allows more time outdoors, it also means many women will be wearing shorts, swimsuits and sundresses during the upcoming months. With an estimated 85-90% of women displaying some degree of cellulite, cellulite removal is a top concern each and every summer when it is time to break out the smaller summer clothes. Tyler Wellcare understands the importance of body contouring and eliminating the appearance of troublesome cellulite. This is why we offer women in the Tyler, Texas area the VelaShape system.

Cellulite Removal Options

All women know there is no easy cure for cellulite, but there are cellulite removal options that can downplay its appearance.

Women are more likely than men to develop this unwanted aesthetic issue because of the female body structure. Medical professionals estimate up to 90% of women over the age of 20 years have some degree of cellulite. What causes this unwanted “rippling” and “dimpling” of the skin? Under the skin’s surface, there is a network of septae, strands of connective tissue, that hold fat in place. When the septae become weakened and not tightly woven together, the underlying fat can begin to bulge out between them. This leads to the rippling and dimpling associated with cellulite.

In order to completely rid the body of cellulite, a person would have to eliminate all fat in the area and change the skin’s interior structure. Since this cannot be accomplished, cellulite removal options continue to gain popularity.

Popular cellulite removal options typically include weight loss, change of diet, creams and other topical solutions and professional treatments. Weight loss and diet changes may help, but it all depends on the individual’s elasticity of skin. If the skin bounces back following diet changes and weight loss, shedding a few extra pounds may assist with the appearance of cellulite. If the skin is not resilient, weight loss is usually not the only answer. Creams and other topical solutions are quite popular and usually contain caffeine, Vitamin A and other ingredients such as Vitamin C. Professional treatments are gaining popularity as a long-term cellulite removal option since many women do not want to remember to apply creams and lotions 1-2 times each day.

VelaShape is Available at
Tyler Wellcare

One of the most effective cellulite removal and body contouring systems available on the market today is VelaShape. VelaShape is the first FDA-approved device that improves the appearance of cellulite without liposuction, painful injections or surgery.

VelaShape utilizes the combination of ELOS™, suction & tissue manipulation. This combination leads to deep heating of the body’s fat cells, the surrounding connective tissue and the underlying dermal collagen fibers. The energy and vacuum allows for growth of new and better collagen and elastin which leads to reduced skin laxity, increased body volume and improved skin structure and texture.

For additional resources on cellulite removal in Tyler, Texas, or to schedule an appointment for a VelaShape consultation, please contact the office of Tyler Wellcare.


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