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Losing Weight After 50 | Weight Loss | Tyler Texas

Losing Weight After 50 – It can be Accomplished

Losing weight after 50 years of age can seem like a difficult, if not impossible task. Every calorie counts in older adults because an individual’s metabolic rate decreases by about 1-2% each decade. In order to achieve weight loss, a resident of Tyler, Texas must account for a slower metabolic rate by watching and counting calories, as well as remaining physically active on a regular basis. Tyler Wellcare, a leading wellcare provider in East Texas, is here to share some of the most effective ways to lose weight after the age of 50 years.

Weight Loss Tips for Adults over the Age of 50 Years

After years of playing sports, chasing children and moving in general, older adults often experience joint pain and discomfort, which can make a physical activity more difficult to begin. While movement on a regular basis can help ease stiff and sore joints, a slower metabolism cannot be easily changed.

According to the American Council on Exercise, a person’s resting metabolic rate decreases by approximately 1-2% each decade. This is believed to be caused by an overall decrease in muscle mass and an increase in fat mass. Hormones play an important role in weight gain and excess body fat after the age of 50. Changing hormones affect women in more cases than men because of menopause. As estrogen levels decrease, numerous unwanted symptoms occur, including the inability to achieve quick and easy weight loss.

The good news is losing weight after 50 years of age is not impossible. In fact, following these simple weight loss tips can help older adults lose weight and keep it off.

  • Embrace weight training: Muscle loss equals a metabolic slow-down, so gaining more muscle mass is extremely important in individuals over the age of 50 years.
  • Select physical activities that are easy on the joints: Common joint aches and pains keep countless adults from exercising on a regular basis. Selecting lower-impact exercises, such as walking and swimming, can make a regular exercise program easier to achieve.
  • Begin a physical therapy program: A licensed physical therapist is able to help a person increase range of motion, fight off pain and discomfort and improve balance and coordination.
  • Start a new diet program: With a slower metabolic rate, adults cannot achieve weight loss when eating the same amount and types of foods as in their younger years. Adults must cut calories while increasing lean protein sources, fruits and vegetables.
  • Get hormone levels checked: Simply getting common hormone levels checked and getting any imbalances corrected can go a long ways in losing weight after 50.

Tyler Wellcare Offers a Medical Weight Loss Program

Dr. Janine Islam with Tyler Wellcare offers a medical weight loss program – the HCG diet – for adults struggling to lose weight with diet and exercise alone.

The HCG weight loss program involves the use of a carefully planned diet of healthy, quality food and HCG injections, drops or pellets. Individuals involved in this weight loss program have continued medical support so many are able to develop healthy habits for lifelong weight maintenance.

For additional details on losing weight after 50, or to discuss weight loss with the HCG diet, please contact the Tyler, Texas office of Tyler Wellcare.


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