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Body Mass Index (BMI) | Healthy Weight | East Texas

An Overview of Body Mass Index (BMI)

Every man and woman in the East Texas area becomes concerned about their weight at one point. Age, inactivity and certain health conditions can cause the pounds to add up over time. Body mass index (BMI) has been an indicator of healthy weight for many years. By simply dividing a person’s height and weight, doctors and their patients can get an overall idea of the proper weight category they fall in, as well as if they are at risk of health problems in the future. If an individual in the East Texas area would like to jump start their weight loss with the help of a physician, they are encouraged to contact Tyler Wellcare today.

What is Body Mass Index?

Body mass index, commonly known as BMI, is an easy way for a person to determine if they are at a healthy weight for their height. BMI is determined by the person dividing height and weight. The general rule is the higher the number, the higher amount of body fat the person has. Body mass index is commonly used to help determine if a person is at risk of certain weight-related health conditions such as diabetes and heart disease.

What is My BMI?

There are numerous ways you can determine your body mass index (BMI).

  • Charts and tables
    • To use the table below, you must first find your height on the left hand side. Once found, you will then go across to the closest weight. The very top of the table will show your BMI.
  • Online calculators
    • Online calculators, such as this one, are one of the easiest and most popular ways to determine BMI.
  • Calculate your own BMI
    • The original BMI utilizes the metric system:
      weight in kilograms (kg) ÷ height in meters, squared (m2)
    • Using pounds and inches is the most common approach in the US:
      (weight in pounds X 703) ÷ (height in inches X height in inches)
      Example: (120X703) ÷ (63X63)= 21.3

Body Mass Index and Healthy Weight Guidelines

This specific BMI is used in adults over the age of 20 years. Body mass index for children and adolescents is expressed as a percentile which is obtained by a different graft and calculation. Please visit with your child’s pediatrician or general doctor if you are concerned with their weight.

In adults, the same BMI is used in both males and females to determine a healthy weight.

  • Underweight: Less than 18.5
  • Normal weight: 18.5- 24.9
  • Overweight: 25 to 29.9
  • Obese- 30 or higher

Falling in the overweight or obese portions can cause chronic and serious health conditions. If you fall in either of these ranges and would like to reach a more healthy weight, diet, exercise and daily lifestyle changes must occur.

Do you need assistance losing weight? Tyler Wellcare is a leading provider of the HCG weight loss program in the Tyler, Texas area. The HCG weight loss program works by following a specific diet, HCG injection schedule and drinking lots of water. HCG allows the body to tap into its stored fat for maximum utilization. With a lower caloric intake (500 calories daily) and HCG injections, the body is more reliant on its stored fat.

For additional resources on body mass index (BMI), or to request assistance to meet your healthy weight, please contact the East Texas office of Tyler Wellcare.


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